Purchasing paintings

Paintings available for purchase

All paintings included in the Myopic Landscapes catalogue have their availability indicated with coloured dots, a:

painting for sale green dot shows that the painting is for sale;

painting sold red dot shows the painting has sold; and

painting not currently for sale yellow dot shows the painting is not currently for sale.


Paintings are sold framed.
The frames and have been selected to complement the painting, and feature Australian timbers including Jarrah, Silky Oak, Spotted Gum, Myrtle Beech, and Tassie Oak.

Purchasing options

The Myopic Landscapes website is not an e-commerce site that sells paintings directly to the public.

Paintings can be purchased from:

Karst Country: Cooleman Sinkholes #1

Commercial galleries

Where a painting is currently being exhibited in a commercial gallery, it is available for sale only through that gallery.

To find out which paintings are currently being exhibited, and the galleries contact details, refer to the commercial gallery listing.

The artist directly

Alternately, if you are interested in an available painting that is not currently at a commercial gallery you can contact Phil Ryan directly.