Phil Ryan

Phil Ryan's Myopic Landscapes paintings reflect his life long interest in science and art, he was formally trained in both. Initially science became his occupation while art simmered on in the background as a source of recreation and an outlet for creativity. Over time his painting became more and more important to him, he now paints full time.

In describing his work Phil has observed:

Some people criticise science because it supposedly demystifies, classifies and compartmentalises nature. This process is claimed to be contrary to the holist beauty that only an artist can see.
I have never understood this claim.
My education and research in natural sciences has only increased my appreciation and wonderment at the Australian landscape. Scientific interest in forests, landform and geology has provide the inspiration to depict the infinite variety and beauty of these components of the landscape via painting.

Phil paints the natural environment. In his current work he concentrates on depicting the alpine landscapes of south eastern Australia, taking a few trips to other areas of special interest.

Using colourful acrylic paints, applied in successive layers in a thick textured style with a palette knife or other useful object, sometimes over other media (like sand), and sometimes on built 3D surfaces, Phil creates paintings that are rich in colours, highly textured in style, and full of perspective illusions.

Phil's studio is the old Kunama Public School south of Batlow NSW.

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