Karst Country Exhibition

This gallery includes all the paintings that were exhibited at the Karst Country exhibition, Belconnen Arts Centre from Feb 8-24, 2013.

The Karst Country Exhibition website has images of all works that were exhibited.

Karst or limestone landscapes are unique because the limestone bedrock is literally dissolving away. Karst landscapes produced from weathering limestone have many distinctive features that affect the soil, rock outcrop, topography, and in some cases vegetation. This exhibition examines karst landscapes near Canberra from two viewpoints; the colourful, textured acrylic paintings of Phil Ryan plus the serene infra-red images and videos of Glen Ryan. The use of infrared film picks out the limestone in the landscapes almost like an x-ray finding the very skeleton of the earth. Wee Jasper, Blue Waterholes and Yarrangobilly landscapes have provided the inspiration for this exhibition.

You can also find more background information about karst landscapes and the painting series here.

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