Coastal vegetation series

Reed Beds 1, Reed Beds 2, Reed Beds 3 and Pandanus Palms were based on scenes from lakes, swamps and coastal vegetation near Minnie Water and Diggers Camp, on the North Coast of NSW. These lakes/swamps have formed behind the main dune system on this part of the coast. At irregular intervals, these reed beds regenerate and the new reeds have a striking dark green colour. In bright midday sunlight the reeds produce a strange effect - they seem to adsorb most of the incident sunlight producing a dark shadowy colour with a slight pale green tinge at their tops in the distance.

Along with the interesting colours, an intriguing feature of these reed beds was the vertical texture of the reeds in contract to the strong horizontal flatness of the landscape. So the main interesting technical task of this series was to capture and reproduce this multitude of individual reed stems and their colours as an integrated scene.

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