Snow Gums and other alpine vegetation series

Snow Gums are the only eucalypts to survive at high elevations and they are often multi-stemmed (mallee-form) from a thick lignotuber base. These multiple stems can produce strange sculptural forms under the influence of extreme winds, snow packs, and fire.

In late summer Snow Gum bark can be transformed from its normal whitish-grey colour to vivid reds, pinks, yellows and greens. It seems to be a blast of festivity before the bleakness of winter. These features are shown in Snow Gums and Tors 3, Perisher Snow Gums, Charlotte Pass Snow Gums 1 and Charlotte Pass Snow Gums 2, and South Rams Head Snow Gums:

In these paintings sensualness of the Snow Gum trunks has been accentuated by producing a 3D surface or partial base relief for certain parts of the trunks.

Earlier paintings Snow Gums and Tors 1 and Snow Gums and Tors 2 feature Snow Gums from alpine areas in Victoria:

Alpine ground vegetation

The diversity of alpine ground vegetation is shown in Podocarp Bones, Alpine Rockery, and Candle Heath:

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